Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Sqwash?

    The sqwash is a social media platform, designed with a commitment to social service, free speech, and an open source outlet for a free and uninhibited media. The Sqwash is your one stop shop for social media, entertainment, news and human innovation.

  • When will The Sqwash launch?

    The Sqwash hopes to “treat” beta testers and previewers this fall, and to be Sqwashin’ the new year together at last!

  • Does The Sqwash contribute to Society?

    The Sqwash is committed to giving back to the world we share. We have earmarked 15% of our profits to go back into social collective. Users determine how this money will be allocated, by upvoting projects, charities, causes and initiatives that they believe are relevant and positively impact humanity.

  • Is my data safe?

    The Sqwash will never share your data or personal information with 3rd parties.

  • How do I find content specific to my interests?

    The Sqwash has developed a completely custom set of algorithms that we call C.A.C.T.A.S. short for Classifications and Curation Traffic Algorithm Systems. C.A.C.T.A.S enables users to connect with content in a revolutionary way. With CACTAS a user is not limited to one feed. Users have access to 33 unique and diverse feeds, sourced from the entire network. C.A.C.T.A.S sorts media by content or as we call it; classifications, allowing you to surf for specific genres of content.

  • Does the Sqwash cost money to use?

    General use of the platform will ALWAYS be free to our users. Ad based revenue is how The Sqwash will make its operational costs. Users may upgrade their membership to an ad free platform for a small monthly or yearly subscription fee.

  • How Can I Help?

    There are many ways in which you can help The Sqwash become a reality. Promoting The Sqwash within your own network is one of the easiest ways you can help. We are always looking for volunteers! Fill out a volunteer application by visiting the volunteer page located on our navigation bar. Donations are always useful and appreciated. Even small contributions make a difference. Be sure to sign up as a beta tester!

  • How can I contact the Sqwash?

    Please Click Here to view our contact information.

  • What are the terms of service for The Sqwash?

    Clieck Here to view our terms and service agreement.

  • How Can I Donate?

    Please Click Here to view the methods in which you can donate to The Sqwash.

  • Why does The Sqwash take donations?

    The Sqwash is the platform of the people, for the people and by the people. By donating you help cover the costs of development. You keep our servers running, our programmers programming, our designers designing and our marketers marketing. We have self-funded and crowd funded to keep this project in the loving hands of the people, not special interest groups, not data collection agencies, not establishments or private parties. Even small donations help us bring this victory to fruition. Together, we can do anything.