Multiple Feeds

The Sqwash has 33 diverse feeds for you to surf through. Change your feed like you change the television channel.

Enjoy the concept of the friends feed while also perusing through popular topics such as Politics, World News, Arts and Leisure, Gaming, Sports, Activism, and so many more great feed channels!



We have utilized the concept and functions of a typical group on a social platform and revamped the concept into Clubs. Clubs include live chat, bulletin boards with poll and voting features, a calendar for meetings events and group notifications, club member database, and its own feed.

Whatever the purpose of your club, whether it is to share gardening tips, organize a scout troop, or bring awareness to single use plastics we want you to have all the tools necessary to be successful.


Almanac Search Engine

Not all search engines are created equal. Are you a parent looking for family friendly events within a 15 mile radius of your location? Perhaps you are a veteran looking for other veterans, who are into gaming and camping, live near you, and happen to be within your age group?

Maybe you are a retired senior citizen looking for friends, clubs and events for seniors who love crafting, culture, and music. The Almanac can facilitate that, and any other combination of criteria you can come up with. Expand your personal network and enjoy a more connected enriching life.


Harvest Calendar

Create events, share them privately, to specific audiences, or to the entire network.

Events can be searched by location, event type, key word, event name, distance, or by tag words. Events that have high traffic and participate will generate an ad sponsorship!



CACTAS is a custom designed set of algorithms that make The Sqwash platform so innovative. CACTAS is its own unique formula that allows for complete user curation. No more narratives or content being pushed from the top down.

CACTAS sources content from the entire network, not just your friends. The most upvoted content will show first, on the feed relevant to its topic, allowing our users to control the distribution of media and the ability to have conversations about news and events the public deems relevant on a collective scale without censorship or institutional oversight.


Censorship Free Commitment

The Sqwash is committed to ending censorship and communication restrictions. We do not remove posts, restrict communication, shadow ban, give time outs or delete accounts.

You decide what is relevant and what isn’t, The Sqwash would never presume to make those decisions for you.


Revenue for Creators

The Sqwash believes hard work deserves just rewards.Create a post, page, event, club, or video that generates an ad from high traffic and you will receive 70% of the revenue on that ad.

The Sqwash will never exploit your work.